An aircraft that resembles you

Either for an operational need or simply to make your life simpler, our team is at your disposal to modify and customize your engine.

Many factors such as performance, reliability, ergonomics, or economy take part of the game when it comes to modifying the engine. A quality service guides you in your choices and offers the best solution at the best price.

A few examples : adaptation of new wheels, installation of a smoke generator, addition of a remote oil filter.


Air projet is in a partnership with the equipment manufacturer BERINGER since February 2017.  We are thereby offering the following services :

  • Equipment selling from BERINGER at list price
  • Development of modifications “tailor-made”, and retrofit kit, in accordance with BERINGER.
  • Prototyping and testing at first installations
  • Montage and application of modifications in oour workshops.

Feel free to let us know about your needs :

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With complete peace of mind

We are taking care of all the steps of the project : from the initial need to the physical modification of your engine. A follow-up of the site allows to make sure that every deadline is heavily respected.

Control flights are done by Anthony BEZARD, and because of his experience, he knows how to deliver an on point aircraft. Our professional insurance covers this service.