Pre Purchase Inspection


May the dream not become a nightmare


Choosing an airplane can look simple once you have stopped on the type you like, color and equipment. In reality, the choice is much more complex, we must judge its history, the quality of the maintenance provided over the years and the state of the potentials of the various equipment. Only solid experience will ensure a complete technical review of a device.


We guide you to the best possible purchase


Air Projet offers a personnalized expertise to make the right decision. To meet this expectation, we offer:

-A regulatory review of the aircraft (potential, airworthiness monitoring)

-Remove Essential Hatches and Engine Covers

-In-depth inspection – Engine check (general condition, trace corrosion, etc.) +

-Review of Kardex and Service History

-Fixed point & flight test with the owner, if possible
Send a complete and objective inspection report, showing any modifications and the associated budget

-Advanced technical inspection (corrosion, mechanical condition, endoscopy)

-Conveyance and delivery

-A service often reimbursed

We work transparently with the owners during inspections. Every defect found will be indicated and shown. The owners know what they’re selling and the future owners know what they’re buying!This often opens the door to negotiations, and experience often shows that the cost of our intervention is  reimbursed!

Your expectations first


We have already carried out inspections throughout France and Europe. Do not hesitate to contact us for any purchase project, we will guide you and offer you a personalized service. We also have a good network of reputable and reliable mechanics in the United States, ready to perform inspections on our behalf.