Redesign of the dashboard and firewall on a Jodel DR1050

  • This Jodel DR1050 was born in Darois in 1961, so it is quite naturally that we welcome it for a heavy work of refurbishment. The goal of this project is to restore the aircraft to the modern standard (starter relay, new electric circuit, new B&C alternator, modern breakers…), while maintaining the original spirit that makes the charm of these aircraft. We have also optimized access and disassembly of the components to simplify maintenance.

  • Recast dashboard: Design of a new laser-cut dashboard, boilermaking and bending of the right side, modification of the cap for a quick disassembly. The assembly is now mounted on silentblocs.
  • Electrical circuit: the entire electrical circuit has been replaced, modern breakers are replacing period fuses. We also made the dashboard removable quickly by adding electrical outlets.
  • Firewall: New stainless steel firewall cut out with water jet. Engine frame stripped, pressed and repainted. battery replacement and design of a new quick release bracket
  • Engine: the customer has taken care of the removal and the rest of the engine, to be sent for overhaul. Air Projet carries out the finishing and final control.

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