Reception and remount of 2 more Beech 35 bonanza from USA

In October two Beechcraft Bonanza arrived in a container from the United States. After a careful dismantling, the two models  from 1947 arrived in France, by Sea.

The owners entrusted the reassembly of the two “V-tails” to Air Projet. We took advantage of this work to make an in-depth tour of the aircraft. A  study of the documentation was necessary in order to carry out the  specific adjustments of this machine.

The final reassembly was validated by an FAA inspector, specially come for the occasion in…bonanza!

We supervised the control flights and adjustments, as well as the necessary alterations.


These two Beech 35, after having crossed the American sky and left their ports of attachment of Seattle for the N2870V and Tucson for N2897V, will now survey the French skies and well beyond! 

These two aircraft remain, still today, references in light aviation, thanks to their beauty and performance.