Re design of the landing gear of an “Ultimate”

L’Ultimate is now able to fly again thanks to “Aéro Restauration service”. Only two of them are in this case for now.

When it comes to the first essays, the train d’atterrissage has been felt as weak and not well adapted.

The modification was necessary for security reasons and to make the aircraft easier to drive on the ground.

Air Projet realised a retro-engineering study on les jambes de train et le bâti moteur, in order to change the technology and to reinforce the engine.

Les lames de train has been calculated and made with aluminium, le bâti has been reinforced pour reprendre les efforts du nouveau train. 

We reinstalled a BERINGER wheel kit, improving breaking performances.

Flying tests has shown very good results on the driving on the ground, especially thanks to à une assiette plus importante en position 3 points. Moreover, le phénomène de rebond dû aux jambes de train d’origine en acier à été fortement diminué.

The happy owner can now fully enjoy his aircraft!