Covering of the elevator of a Boeing Stearman “015”

We had a good start in 2017 with the famous Stearman Roanne. We were looking for it at the customer by -10°C, which means that the conveying was difficult!

The Stearman 015 is one of the largest annual aircraft in France, and the owners strive to maintain a maximum level of maintenance. As the depth was covered, we disassembled it and carried out a complete restoration: Verification of the internal structure, new protection of it, entoilage, coatings and painting. During reassembly, we replaced a maximum of hardware.

We did a full inspection of the aircraft, and it is often profitable to use a “fresh eye”.

After the usual tension settings of the shrouds, we proceeded to the control flight. Once the technical aspect was validated, we made the in-flight adjustment of the machine, essential to fully enjoy the feel of the Stearman!