The company

Air Projet was founded in 2015, evolving in the aeronautical area and mostly in light and sporty aviation. Our work vision is centered on a high quality service.

With the help of a creative and dynamic team, our company offers 3 types of services :

Aeronautical Studies Office

Initial design, prototyping, technical improvements and optimization are the centre of our business. The team also provides project analysis and monitoring services in order to deal with serious needs. Air projet is also one of the first in terms of technological innovations.


From concept to achievement, Air Projet is capable of modifying your engine with the respect of the standards. We carry out the evaluation and the followup of the modifications until validations by authorities.

Our company is proud to collaborate with IAERO and BERINGER, for the installation of their equipments.

Customized maintenance

Staying in touch and be the nearest of planes and techniques is essential in our job. In this way, we provide a tailor-made service and the followup of a couple unique machines.