Importation and loading in containers


Our Experience

Air Projet regularly receives dismantled aircrafts which are put in containers in order to carry out the reassembly and flights. We also offer the possibility to manage 100% of the importation, between two places. We can also guide you for the specific provisions of customs concerning collection planes.


“Door to Door”


Everything is in the title! Dismantling an aircraft and preparing it for container loading, are tasks that we often realise. In our workshops, we are in charge of the reassembly, the re-flight and the necessary adjustments.


We take care of the various transports from the exit of the container to the delivery, road and sea transports included.


Everywhere in the world


As part of the Red Bull Air race, we have done about twenty dismantling/reassembly operations, as well as preparations for sea and road transports or AirFreight. This was accomplished in ten different countries.